A world-class cold brew, crafted with the utmost dedication to quality

Taste a new class of cold brew, made by Joyride using Segafredo Brillante – a blend of beans specifically selected to be brewed without heat. Cold steeped for 16 hours, the Joyride process coaxes out the natural sweetness of the coffee beans, exposing notes of citrus and chocolate and a smooth, crisp finish. 

Segafredo cold brew on tap, available nationwide!

Segafredo cold brew on tap, available nationwide!

This is not your regular iced coffee – regular iced coffee is brewed hot and left to cool, often giving it a less satisfying, more bitter flavor than cold brew. The result of our process is a rich, sweet cup of cold coffee that is simply unmatched in the market today.

Segafredo takes pride in delivering unexpectedly world-class coffee experiences everywhere they go. They know that you want to serve more than a cup of coffee – you want to create a memorable experience – a moment of surprise, inspiration and discovery that comes alive with every sip. That’s why they’re here.  

Every story starts somewhere, and Segafredo’s started in Italy. They’ve been in the coffee industry for generations and have applied that knowledge and high expectations to this new Segafredo cold Brew coffee by Joyride. Sourcing only the highest quality beans and allow it to seep for hours so that we achieve that perfect taste. Enjoy!

Brewed for a national audience, Segafredo cold brew kegs are available for offices, cafes, restaurants and more. Whether you are a cafe in Dallas, a restaurant in Miami or an office in New York, Atlanta or Boston, Segafredo cold brew on tap is ready for you to enjoy today!