From food truck to world-class coffee and beverage company

Founded in 2011, Joyride is the brain-child of three brothers – David, Adam and Noah Belanich – who started the company in the back of a food truck as New York City’s first mobile specialty cafe.

By serving exceptional Stumptown coffee and espresso, the truck quickly gained popularity among the city’s working professionals, most of whom had the same complaint: underwhelming office coffee.

The Joyride Food Truck, 2011

The Original Joyride Logo, 2011

Seeing huge opportunity, the Belanich brothers sold the truck and used the proceeds to set up a brick-and-mortar business focused on bringing the world’s best wholesale coffees directly to offices.

Since then, Joyride has been growing in popularity and can be found in some of the country’s most innovative companies, providing office employees in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco with a satisfying and refreshing premium wholesale office coffee experience.

At Joyride, we are simply obsessed with coffee and we’ve fine-tuned our business to focus on quality above all - delivering not only the world’s best beans and best craft beverages on tap, but also the best brewing equipment and first-class customer service.

The coffees we deliver are sourced and roasted by masters of the craft, who approach every step of the process with care and precision not found in your run-of-the-mill cup of coffee. Here at Joyride, we have the same attitude as our roasters, where we look to ensure that every drop is at the height of quality when it hits your cup.

Since the first days in the truck, we’ve added some great people to the Joyride team who share our passion of showing the world how great wholesale coffee supplies can really be. We believe that coffee in your office should be as relaxing, stimulating, and delicious as a trip to your favorite cafe.

Now, Joyride is among the finest names in the beverage world, working on some of the most innovative and challenging projects in the space. We have not only revolutionized office culture as the first provider of cold brew coffee kegs, but we are making our Craft on Draft vision a reality for cafes, restaurants, universities and more. No matter where your beverage program is located, Joyride can help provide world-class options to your customers, employees or colleagues, ensuring that you are continually ahead of the curve.  

Our Vision

At Joyride, we want to make better beverage the norm.  We are pioneers leading the movement to satisfy an increasing demand for fresher, tastier, healthier, and more affordable beverages.  In the end, we just want to keep as many mouths - and our planet - as happy as possible.

To achieve our mission, our business model along with every partnership, product, and operating decision we make is guided by the below five principles.  We have built a company dedicated to proving that these principles are not only achievable - but can create a successful business.

Our Core Values

We love our customers!

The Joyride family includes some of the most prestigious and innovative companies in the country, and the list grows every day! Here are a few that currently enjoy Joyride.

Proudly featured by:


"From startups to fashion, law firms to finance, more and more New York companies are rethinking the water cooler — and are abuzz with the company’s cold-brew keg delivery, one of the few of its kind to exist."

- New York Post


"Office Iced Coffee Keg: The best thing to happen at work, ever?"

- Yahoo! Food

These coffee missionaries have been sent in by Joyride, a Queens, New York–based distribution company that is trying to retrain the coffee-drinking palates of corporate America.

- Fast Company



- Al Roker, NBC's Today Show

Founders & Partners

National Team

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Supply Chain & Production

K-9 Squad

Who and How We Hire

We want to create a healthier and more sustainable world with revolutionary beverage.  To achieve this, we hire people who are passionate about our mission, share our core values inside and outside of work, and demonstrate the skills and abilities that match the job.  

Please review our Mission, Vision and Values and the relevant job description to understand whether you would be the right fit for Joyride and the position.  If you are interested in working for Joyride after doing your research – let’s talk!  

Please apply for the relevant open position(s) below to start the conversation.  A member of our team will be in touch with you if your application reflects that you could be the right match.

Benefits and Perks

  • Unlimited Joyride Coffee and Craft Beverages at work

  • Offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

  • All-hands meetings and company/team events

  • Casual office dress code

  • Shared love of dogs (our K-9 Squad!)

  • Meaningful Mission and Values

  • Healthcare Packages

  • Paid Time Off — Vacation and Sick

  • Foster Community Day — Paid Day Off to Volunteer or Adopt a Rescue Pet

  • Maternity and Parental Paid Leave

  • 401(k) Retirement Saving Plan