A Day in the Life of a Joyrider


Welcome to A Day in the Life, where you get an inside look into the daily lives of Joyriders! This week I hung out with Anthony, our East Coast Head Brewer! Anthony is one of the biggest coffee lovers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and even has a coffee tattoo to prove it. He gets to make Joyride coffee and tea everyday right in the heart of our HQ. Today, he showed me some of the brewing process and I even got to fill some kegs with him, which was a lot of fun except that I managed to spill coffee everywhere. Pro tip: don't wear white shoes when making quality beverage. To get to know Anthony a little better, check out the interview below!! 

EC: What's your name?

AB: Anthony Battista

EC: What's your role?

AB: Head Brewer.

EC: How long have you been a Joyrider?

AB: Almost two years.

EC: What does your typical day look like?

AB:  I come in around 8:30am and meet up with the team to go over the day’s plan. Drink some coffee. Grind lots of coffee, make sure the day is running smoothly. Drink some more coffee.Then brew the coffee for tomorrow’s production.

EC: What's your favorite part of your role?

AB: Having a hand in making the coffee, I’m obsessed with coffee! I also have a lot of respect for the companies we work with (i.e Blue Bottle or Counter Culture).

EC: What's your favorite part about working at Joyride?

AB: The coffee of course! Also the sustainability, I love that we have eliminated bottles and we compost our spent grounds and tea leaves. And most importantly the team, everyone wants to be here, everyone I work with is awesome which is rare in a workplace.

EC: What core value do you relate most to and why?

AB: Getting $#!T Done. We put so much effort in here, like for example our water got shut off for a bit when the city was doing construction, meaning people had to work on the weekends or at night and people just volunteered. Also, for awhile there was just two of us working in production so people would come down from the other departments and just start helping out when and where they could. There's no pulling teeth here, everyone works together.

EC: What does Joyride's mission mean to you? (To create a healthier and more sustainable world with revolutionary beverage.)

AB: Well it's personal, I try to be healthier and watch what I put in the environment and so does Joyride. We reuse our resources and we're not adding to the landfills which is important to me.

EC: What makes a Joyrider?

AB: Nerdy, coffee loving hard workers. Someone who takes pride in what they're doing, and enjoys being here. It's a lot of hard work and can get crazy but we keep expectations high. We make the coffee the way the customers want and the way we want.

EC: If you could share with someone about Joyride, what would you share/say?

AB: The coffee, it's damn fine.

EC: Finally, what is a random fun fact about yourself.

AB: I vividly remember my first cup of coffee, it was a at a diner with my friends after a 2am shift, I was 18 and I used way too much sugar, (laughing) I was trying to impress my friends.

By Emily Cohen, Joyride NYC Intern