Double the Strength, Half the Size: Joyride Nitro Espresso

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There’s nothing a Joyrider loves more than an opportunity for innovation. Enter our newest creation, Joyride Nitro Espresso. If you’re looking to diversify your cold brew options, then you’ll definitely want to give this a shot. Unlike anything on the market, our Joyride Nitro Espresso offers the classic crema of a traditional espresso shot, but with bolder flavor & strength. The added nitrogen enhances the “Guinness effect,” allowing for a fuller mouthfeel and perceived sweetness.

There are so many fun & delicious ways to drink Joyride Nitro Espresso!

There are so many fun & delicious ways to drink Joyride Nitro Espresso!

Joyride Nitro Espresso is brewed using the same method as our cold brew, but pushes it to a new realm with its full body, smooth caramel sweetness and bright overtones. Since it is roughly double the caffeine level of our traditional cold brew, it should be enjoyed like an espresso. Not to mention, if you’re looking for a way to maintain a health conscious and sustainable environment this new beverage is a step in the right direction. Joyride Nitro Espresso, is high-energy, all natural, and since it should be enjoyed in smaller portions, serves a quick upper for the health conscious. Plus, just one keg has 180 servings, diverting twice the amount of single serves from landfills, reducing your carbon footprint.

So, to recap: this new take on cold brew is unique to market, it’s twice the amount of caffeine, incredibly delicious, and is also health and environmentally conscious. Now I don’t about you, but I would be running to get a taste of this newest take on our beloved cold brew.

Joyride Nitro Espresso is available everywhere Joyride operates for offices, cafes and anyone looking to upgrade their coffee experience. Currently, Joyride Nitro cold brew coffee is enjoyed in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle and more!