Unlike traditional “house brands” this is not a cheaper imitation of the real thing. 

Joyride's Hot Coffee program:

Joyride is a beverage company that knows good value coffee first hand. To launch our own line up is no small feat. The Joyride coffee line offers specialty coffee at an incredibly great value. 

"It took years of buying and sampling coffees, countless thousands of blind tastings, and tens of thousands of feedback data points from our customers, before we felt comfortable and confident in our ability to select a broad spectrum of great coffees that could offer compelling value for our customers," says CEO David Belanich.


Get $#!T Done House Blend


We drink a lot of coffee here and wanted to create a consistent blend our team can count on no matter how long the To Do list gets. And what better way to augment crossing off those to do’s than a hearty cup of our finest blend.

Composed of Nicaraguan and Central American beans, this hearty brew has a medium roast profile, sweet with caramel notes, and is (just like us) a little nutty. This coffee embodies one of our favorite core values at Joyride. One sip and you’ll Get $#!T Done!

Hot Coffee Fronts_DamnFineDecaf.png

Country:  Nicaragua
Region: Placeres, Matagalpa
Tasting Notes: medium-bodied, smooth dark chocolate and hint of berries
Varietal: Red Catuai
Process: 80% washed and 20% pulped natural
Swiss Water Process

Hot Coffee Fronts_Get$#!TDone.png

Country:  Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega and Matagalpa
Tasting Notes: Medium-bodied, sweet with caramel notes & nutty aroma
Varietal: Red Catuai
Process: washed
Elevation: 1275-1400m

Damn Fine Decaf


Our Damn Fine Decaf is a blend of 80% washed and 20% pulped natural Nicaraguan decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (SWP) for maximum flavor.

Our decaf process is chemical-free utilizing just water, temperature and time to migrate the caffeine from the coffee beans. It’s then passed through a charcoal filter capturing the larger caffeine molecules while allowing the smaller flavor molecules to pass through to flavor town.


Espresso Blend

Bold, but not bitter

This espresso blend is roasted to walk the line between light and dark. Components are equal parts Nicaragua, Colombia, and Brazil and highlights the rich flavors of caramel and dark chocolate for which this region is known.

Look deep and there’s a hint of citrus standing on the verge of the palate before finishing up on the dark side.

Our espresso blend has a versatile profile that’s big and bold enough for both pulling shots and brewing drip.

Hot Coffee Fronts_Espresso Blend.png

Components:  Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil
Tasting Notes: Caramel and chocolate with pleasant citrus acidity, full bodied.
Process: Nicaragua and Columbia washed and Brazil pulped natural


Every Six Months, We Offer Two Different Single Origins, One from Latin America and One From Africa to Showcase Just How Different and Unique Single Lot Coffees Can Be Without Breaking The Bank.

EnJOY the Ride as We Roam Through The Countries of These Two Distinct Coffee Belt Regions.

Hot Coffee Fronts_African.png

In this single origin, we showcase what sets Latin coffees apart —a sweet medium roast melded with bright citrus notes.

This seasonal selections feature a classic citric front with hints of lemon and orange blossom. Milk chocolate sweetness and soft hazelnut finish.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Narino (East), Santander (West)
Variety: Colombia, Castillo, CR-95, Caturra
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1450-1900m

In this single origin, we showcase what sets African coffees apart —sweeping body, and strong sweetness melded with fruity and floral notes. 

This seasonal selections feature notes of apricot, strawberry, dark chocolate, along with a heavy body.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo (East); Yirgacheffe (West)
Variety: Indigenous
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1100m

Hot Coffee Fronts_Latin.png

"Working along side the best roasters in the world, we have developed a deep appreciation for the work, care, and attentiveness that goes into making a great hot coffee program," says President Adam Belanich.

Our unique positioning within the beverage industry lends us the opportunity to source specialty grade coffee and offer it to our customers at an unbeatable price, but it wasn't in the cards to start a whole other roasting business just to have our own line of beans. Enter Pulley Collective and their concept of a roastery cooperative.

Pulley Collective is a communal space outfitted with a couple roasting machines inside a warehouse on the piers overlooking the New York Harbor in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Roasters from afar rotate in and out taking turns perfecting their profiles on the Probats and Lorings inside.

"Pulley is democratizing access to state of the art roasting, which i think is fantastic for the industry and premium coffee roasters," says David.

The Joyride coffee line offers specialty coffee at an incredibly great value  Five selections ranging in profiles: House blend, Espresso blend and Decaf + rotating Single Origins from Africa and Latin America.

The Joyride coffee line offers specialty coffee at an incredibly great value

Five selections ranging in profiles: House blend, Espresso blend and Decaf + rotating Single Origins from Africa and Latin America.

Not unlike a communal work space, Pulley Collective is home to a variety of operations. We've run into many of our partners working out of Pulley, all of them there for different reasons. Parlor Coffee used Pulley to get their start, Equator is using Pulley to expand into the east coast, and even acclaimed green buyer Andrew Barnett is using this set up as homebase to roast his line of of Linea Caffe that we cold brew and sell.

"It really allows anybody who is willing to put in the time and effort to make a coffee brand without sacrificing the quality that matters so much to them," says Adam.