Originally from Portland, Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee has expanded to be a nationwide brand with a dedicated following.

With a cadre of in-house green-bean buyers, Stumptown works on direct relationships with farmers. Year over year, they educate in the best practices of growing, harvesting, washing and storing, constantly improving the quality of their cold brew coffees.

Stumptown's Red Hook Roastery supplies all the beans for New York on an antique Probat roaster under the careful hand of a highly-trained roasting team. In San Francisco, beans come from Stumptown's main Portland Roastery. We carry a full line of blends, as well as a rotation of single origin options, all of which are designed to make fantastic cold brew office coffee. 

Joyride offerings from Stumptown include freshly roasted coffee for offices, and Stumptown cold brew coffee kegs for offices, cafes, restaurants and more.