The Variety family has been together in Brooklyn since 2008.

Variety Coffee Roasters

Variety is a collective of people who truly love what they do, with a wealth of passion and experience that they hope to share with their customers every day. With an ever-increasing dedication to quality, their endeavor is to ethically source the world's rarest and most unique green coffees. Working hand in hand with producers, Variety continually strives towards providing a precision roasted, perfect cup.

One of Variety's most popular coffees, their Lucky Shot Espresso, is available all year round from Joyride. Always delivered within just days of roasting, Lucky Shot is comprised of single origin coffees, which are rotated with the coffee growing season. Look for sweet, aromatic and well-rounded notes, highlighted by flavors of strawberry, peach and toffee. We certainly love Variety's Lucky Shot, and we know your office will too!

Joyride offerings from Variety include freshly roasted coffee for offices, including regular delivery, service and fully maintained brewing equipment.